Integrated Analytic Portfolio Management


Intellagents improves visibility and governance of analytic inventories across functional boundaries. Technology, business and data science experts more efficiently align business operations and strategy with real-time decision support and collaboration tools. Insights from dashboards and deployment diagrams help stakeholders plan, forecast and manage risk by revealing how model change could impact business capabilities and processes. The platform automates lifecycle management, notifications, validation and reporting workflows.


Actionable Insights

See model impacts mapped to your capabilities and processes in a single, integrated system.


Decision Support & Collaboration

Risk Reduction

Interactive dashboards surface performance and workflow reports for IT and business experts.


Critical and sensitive models are identified and highlighted in object map and object browser views.

Performance Impacts

Gives context of each component, its performance and relationships to other assets.


Knowledge Capture

Compliance Streamlined

Repository templates capture use, assumption, documentation, validation and data lineage information.

Workflows and alerts with timeline, thresholds, approval process for validation, reporting and audit.

Automation & Control

Capture attributes like requirements, methodology, criticality, data source, version, and more for validation and reporting workflows.

Integrated Analytic Portfolio Management


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