Integrated Analytic Portfolio Management

Business, technology and data science experts collaborate on a single platform

Manage Risk and Uncover Analytic Opportunities



Business capabilities mapped to analytics See how model changes impact business Strategically mature analytic assets

Gain Control with Active Model Governance



Planning & performance dashboard Collaboration tools, automated notifications Monitor policy and procedures

Pro-Actively Manage Model Lifecycle & Performance



Visibility into model lifecycle and repositories Streamline validation and reporting Performance results trigger tasks and alerts

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HCG enables organizations to manage risk, gain control and accelerate adoption of technologies like; prescriptive, predictive and cognitive models, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, advanced analytics, robotic automation and other innovations that can mature your data science and analytics practices.

Integrate Enterprise-Wide

Accelerate Time to Insight


Mature Your Analytics Practice

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Accelerate time to insight with an integrated analytics portfolio

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Make better, faster business decisions


Integrated analytic portfolio management for enterprise visibility, control and adoption of ever more powerful and business-critical analytics


Integrated Analytic Portfolio Management


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